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My Grandma's Old World Polish Recipes
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Roast Duck with Apples
kaczka pieczona z jablkami

Wash a 4-5 pound duck and pat dry. Rub inside and out with salt, marjoram, and (optional) 1 bud mashed garlic. Place in covered container and let stand at room temperature 1 hour.

Peel, core, and cut into quarters 2-2 1/2 pounds apples or enough to fill the duck's cavity. Sew up. Place duck on rack in roasting pan and roast in pre-heated 450 degree Fahrenheit oven 10 minutes. Reduce to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and roast 80 minutes to 2 hours or until fork tender.

Sprinkle with about 1 Tablespoon water at start of roasting and puncture with fork at intervals to release fat. Baste occasionally with pan drippings. Serve with mashed or boiled potatoes. Stewed red or white cabbage or braised beets are typical accompaniments.



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